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Tony Jones

Producer | Writer

Tony Jones is one of Australia’s most respected journalists. As host of Q&A for 11 years, he brings over 30 years of award winning journalism to the table. Tony is known for his incisive and probing interviews on the breaking issues of the day. His role on Q&A capitalised on his ability to tap into the political zeitgeist and keep the discussion focused and on track.

During his three years with Four Corners, he won a Walkley award for Horses for Courses on the Waterhouse racing dynasty as well as a Penguin Award for My City of Sydney examining the city’s development boom. Frozen Asset his story on the exploitation of Antarctica won a Gold Medal in the New York Film and Television Festival and was also an International Emmy Award finalist.

Jones also won a Walkley Award (with Kerry O’Brien and Dugald Maudsley) for Lateline’s coverage of the end of Gorbachev’s Soviet Union. In 1990, Tony was the ABC TV current affairs correspondent covering the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, the re-unification of Germany, the Gulf War, the war in the Former Yugoslavia, the fall of Kabul in Afghanistan to the Mujahadin and the collapse of apartheid in South Africa.

In 2019, Tony wrote all three episodes of Revelation, the Walkley-winning landmark ABC documentary series on child abuse in the Catholic Church.

Tony Jones
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