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News: 'Folau' Doco Launches Across Pacific Region

ABC Pacific Press Release

For Israel Folau, his talent shone on the sports field where he treasured triumphs and welcomed a test of his faith.

One of Australia’s most gifted athletes, Israel Folau, found himself at the heart of culture wars and jeopardised fame and fortune in the pursuit of his faith.

The two-part documentary ‘Folau’ unpacks the fallout and the polarising debate around the balance of freedom of speech and religion, and the protection from discrimination for the LGBTQI+ community. Part 1 traces Folau's family background and his rise to the top of the Rugby world.

Part 2 explores the fallout and its impact on the LGBTQI, Rugby, and Pacific communities.

Watch on ABC Australia across the Pacific Islands.

Part 1: Wednesday 6th of September at 730PM PNG time

Part 2: Wednesday 13th of September at 730PM PNG time

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