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News: George Pell accusers air sexual abuse claim against the Cardinal in 'Revelation' 3 April, 2020

Cardinal George Pell will learn on Tuesday whether the High Court will grant his bid for freedom after he was found guilty of sexually abusing two choir boys.

Judges could yet deny Pell’s appeal, order a retrial or quash his conviction altogether.

As he waits for the decision, two separate men have decided to speak out about the abuse they allege they also suffered at Pell’s hands.

And others have spoken to the ABC about allegedly witnessing or being warned about abusive behaviour involving boys in and around swimming pools in the Victorian town of Ballarat.

Bernie, whose surname has been withheld, grew up in a Catholic orphanage in Ballarat run by the Sisters of Nazareth after being abandoned by his mother at birth in 1966.

The now 53-year-old has spoken out publicly about the alleged abuse he suffered there on ABC’s Revelationprogram.

Bernie claimed he met Pell at the orphanage and, at first, saw him as a father figure.

He recalled one instance where he claims the now 78-year-old was with him while he was showering.

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