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News: Audible Original podcast 'Bloodguilt: The Many Deaths of Richard Dorrough' released

'Bloodguilt' is an Audible Original Podcast

Days after Richard Dorrough violently takes his own life at a public gun range in Perth, his fiancée receives a parcel from him in the post - a book filled with the former sailor’s handwriting. She starts to read and, horrified by the chilling confession inside it, quickly hands the book to police....

Suicides rarely get reported. But reporters Dan Box and Kate Wild believe this unnerving public death is worthy of further explanation. Exploring what made Dorrough take his life leads the pair to the country’s far corners, to uneasy truths about race and prejudice in the criminal justice system and to questions about how we tell true crime stories.

In the process they start to understand that Dorrough took much more than just his own life. Bloodguilt is available for download from 28 June via and is part of the Plus Catalogue - a selection of over 11,000 Audible Originals, audiobooks and podcasts now included in membership at no extra cost

Bloodguilt is an Audible Original Podcast, only available on Audible

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