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News: ABC announces In Films doc 'Whiteley On Trial'

David Knox, TV Tonight, 25 November, 2021

Whiteley on Trial (In Films) interrogates the biggest case of alleged art fraud in Australian history. When Melbourne dealer Peter Gant and conservator Aman Siddique find themselves accused of forging and selling three paintings as authentic works of modern art royal Brett Whiteley, the pair are convicted by a jury in what at first appears to be an open and shut case. But with the judge himself rendering the verdict ‘unsafe,’ the conviction is quickly overturned on appeal, leaving art observers in disbelief. By interviewing key players in the trial and with access to original case materials, this two-part series follows the captivating twists and turns of a monumental saga, asking what price our cultural heritage paid in the process.

An In Films production for the ABC, developed with support from the Screen NSW Slate Development Fund with production investment from Screen NSW and financed with support from the ABC.

Director Yaara Bou Melhem.

Producer Ivan O’Mahoney.

Associate Producer Georgia Quinn.

Executive Producers: Ivan O’Mahoney & Nial Fulton.

ABC Executive Kalita Corrigan.

ABC Manager Documentaries Stephen Oliver.

ABC Head of Factual & Culture Jennifer Collins.

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