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Press Release: 'Revelation' Available Now On Netflix

Walkley Award-Winning Series Revelation is now available to stream on Netflix

In Films has today announced the streaming release date for REVELATION. Directed by AACTA Award winner Nial Fulton (Hitting Home, Borderland) and Gold Walkley Award winning journalist Sarah Ferguson, the enthralling and devastating docuseries is set to arrive on Netflix Australia and New Zealand on March 22, 2023.

Revelation is an account of the dark forces behind clerical sex abuse in the Catholic Church and a criminal enterprise hiding in plain sight. In a world television first, cameras are permitted into the trials of two Catholic priests facing charges of sex-crimes against children. Their disclosures and frank confessions are jaw-dropping, exposing a web of conspiracy and perversion. With the help of victims and police investigators, Revelation brings to account some of the most powerful figures in the Australian church.

In bristling encounters, convicted priests attempt to justify their depravity as victims desperately seek justice before their elderly abusers die. We learn details of the crimes of Father Vincent Ryan and Brother Bernard McGrath, who committed horrific abuse against children in their care. It is impossible not to be moved by the trauma and tragedy of their victims as they recount stolen childhoods. Through the trials, the system that enabled their heinous crimes is laid bare, exposing how the Catholic Church chose secrecy over transparency and paedophiles over their victims. As the Church faces its reckoning, Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, stands accused of multiple allegations of child sexual abuse when he was a young priest in the 1970s.

Over three episodes, Revelation exposes the conspiracy of silence that enabled these unimaginable crimes, told for the first time in the words of the perpetrators themselves. ABOUT SARAH FERGUSON

Sarah Ferguson is Australia’s leading journalist / documentary maker. No one else in Australia has reached the same levels of achievement across both genres. She has been awarded multiple times in Australia’s top awards for both journalism and documentary. Amongst Sarah’s awards are the Gold Walkley, 5 Walkleys, 5 Logies, 2 AACTAS and the Asian Academy Award for best documentary series. Sarah’s work involves rigorous investigations, exceptional access, high end production and some of the best writing in Australia. She is also one of Australia’s best interviewers with a huge following for her combination of incisiveness, wit and warmth. ABOUT NIAL FULTON

Nial is a multi-awarded winning producer of internationally recognized films. His work on investigative documentaries is ground-breaking, putting camera where access has never before been granted, as seen in Borderland, the critically acclaimed series on the US / Mexican border crisis and Hitting Home, the Walkley and AACTA award-winning series from the front lines of Australia’s domestic violence epidemic. Nial produced and co-directed Revelation when criminal trials of paedophile priests were filmed for the first time anywhere in the world. With co-director Sarah Ferguson, they convinced the accused priests to participate in a series of extraordinary interviews, including inside a maximum-security prison.


Carly Cadogan, 0424 505 827

T: 02 8399 0626

REVELATION was produced for ABC Television Major Production Investment from Screen Australia in association with Screen NSW Worldwide distribution is managed by ABC Commercial

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